5 Content Strategy Ideas for Facebook That Will Bring Your Business/Brand to the Next Level

Jake Boucher
4 min readJan 10, 2018

Each social media platform has their own unique use. With all of the different platforms nowadays, it’s important to know what the purpose for each one is.

In this article, I am going to discuss Facebook and the proper way to use it if you’re a business/brand.


Facebook has many different purposes. It is known as a “hybrid” platform because it is kind of a cross-pollination of Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Facebook has surpassed 2 billion active monthly users, with no sign of slowing down.

If businesses/brands know how to properly use Facebook for marketing their product/service, then they are well ahead of their competition. Most small businesses still do not know how to use social media correctly. They think just posting content that they want to post will do it and will automatically make their audience want to engage.

It all comes down to the content that you put out. Quality content always wins out. Refer to this article here to get a better understanding of what exactly quality content is.

Once you figure out the proper content to put out on each platform, then the rest comes easy.

Do some trial and error with different content strategies. See which post get the most engagement and go from there.

On Facebook, you shouldn’t post as many times as you can on Twitter. Twitter you could post 30 times a day and barely get noticed. If you posted 30 times a day on Facebook you would probably get banned.

The reason why Facebook is similar to Twitter is because you can post similar content as Twitter. But really hold back on overposting. There’s nothing worse than annoying your consumers.

You can post your YouTube videos on Facebook. Facebook is great for distributing your YouTube videos. The reason why is so you can have 2 powerful social media channels pumping out the same video to your different audiences.

Content ideas for Facebook:

Testimonials: Facebook is a great platform to post testimonials on. Taking a video of one of your customers saying good things about your product/service can go a long way. It can have a snowball effect on the people that follow you on Facebook. Think about it, one great testimonial from a person who has a high influence in your area could be the tipping point for your brand/business to explode. Or better yet, you take a video of a celebrity that loves your product/service and boom your sales skyrocket.

Even if you don’t have anyone in your area that has high influence or celebrity status, the more testimonials that you have, the better your reception will be around the community.

Behind the scenes: Everyone loves behind the scenes footage. Getting the inside scoop of what goes on behind closed doors is one of the best ways to get your consumers to engage.

Whenever I’m scrolling through my feed on any of the social sites, my eye usually takes a keen interest in the videos and pictures that are showing behind the scenes.

Most sports teams accounts do a great job of showing behind the scenes footage. For instance, I’m a huge Boston sports fan and the Celtics and Patriots accounts do a great job of showing inside the locker room and what’s going on off the field.

If you could model your content strategy off of some professional sports teams, or businesses/brands with big follower counts, you’re in for a successful social media marketing strategy.

Blog: Having a blog is a powerful feature. Provide value in your blog, and get it out to your consumers. The more free value that you give out, the more likely that your consumers will be to stay with you and grow with you.

You can post your blog on your website and then post the link on your Facebook page. One blog post per week will be added content to your business/brand. Here’s an idea — do one blog post per week of the highlights for the week that occurred in your business. It doesn’t matter if you have a restaurant, shoe store, landscaping company. Everyone can put together a short post explaining the events of the week. This goes back to the behind the scenes footage in written form.

Contest/giveaways: Who doesn’t love contest and giveaways? This is a great way to have your consumers engage with your content. Facebook is a great platform for this because people can share with their followers if it’s a worthy contest/giveaway.

Create a Facebook ad that brings your audience to a landing page with the instructions. Then when their done reading, you bring them to a sign-up page where you collect their email and put them in your weekly newsletter where the winner(s) will be announced.

Video: Video is the present and future of internet marketing (refer to this article here).

People are more likely to engage with video than any other form of content. The key is to making your intro interesting and keep people keep watching. The attention span of a human has never been shorter and that is why your intro has to be an eye catcher.

To create content for your videos, you could base it off of your other content that you have posted. For example, the behind the scenes footage is perfect for video.

You could also adapt your blog post into video or vice versa. Video is where you can get creative!


It will take time to develop a bulletproof content strategy for Facebook. Once you figure out what people want to see on Facebook, it’s smooth smooth sailing from there. Make sure your consistent with your content and constantly bringing value!


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