Social media is the lifeblood of any business today. It allows you to connect with your audience like never before. But it’s also one of the hardest things to do because you need to be consistent.

Most businesses do post on social media. Whether that be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. But here’s where they go wrong; they’re not consistent. Most businesses try posting for the first month or so, then they slowly start posting less. They quickly realize that posting on social media is not all that easy. As a matter of fact, it’s tedious and time consuming.

The most…

Do you ever rush something to simply have it done even though it requires a lot of time?

I’m willing to bet we’ve all been there. I’ve been there many times before, especially when I was in school. I was one of those students that would rush homework assignments and try to get it done ASAP so I could move on to more enjoyable things.

In college, there were so many distractions, so many other things that I would rather be doing.

This is an identical situation that I see with so many businesses right now. …

I want to say this right off the bat, Shoe Dog is one of the best business books I have ever read.

The founder of Nike, Phil Knight, documents how Nike came to be a household brand in this fantastic memoir.

Book layout

What I liked so much about this book was how Knight constructed each chapter. Each chapter was titled as a year, and it went in chronological order for 20 or so years.

I don’t have the book with me at the moment, but I believe the book starts in the year 1962 and goes until 1980.


Sometimes your true calling is right there in front of you. You just have to look around and find it.

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I won’t get into specific details in this blog post.

Nothing is set in stone just yet, but I am about to take a massive leap forward in my career.

It’s funny too. 3–4 days before writing this blog post, this wasn’t even a thought in my mind. That was until my mom said something to me.

I’ve been saying for the last few years that I wanted to do this a few years down the road. Maybe 5–10 years from the present day.

But what my mom said made a ton of sense. “Honey, you’ve been saying you wanted…

Why do humans crave these 3 needs? Let’s find out…

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I mentioned this concept in a previous story: “You’re Gonna Die” that humans have three motivations in life: the need for power, affiliation, and achievement.

I first became aware of this concept in my consumer behavior class (thank you, professor Hart). He is one of the most intelligent teachers I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. And he truly loves what he does, which makes it more enjoyable for the students.

Professor Hart went into detail about this concept during one class period. …

But here’s the kicker: it all comes down to discipline

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I’ve been sitting here for a while, brainstorming of a topic to write about for this blog post.

Remember back in the day when we all used to write essays for English classes?

Most of the time, our teachers/professors would give us the choice between a few topics to write an essay about.

I can vividly remember sitting there for every essay, staring at my computer thinking, “I have no idea what to write for this.”

So yeah, we’ve all been in the situation I find myself in today.

The process of putting pen to paper, or digital pen to…

Twitter is rolling out a new feature to select users

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Twitter is rolling out a new feature to select users.

The audio feature has potential to be one of Twitter’s biggest features yet.

Audio has blown up in popularity in the last 5 or so years with podcast. Listening to audio is a whole lot easier than reading something or watching a video.

If Twitter can pull this off correctly, then they can expect this feature to do wonders for creators.

I know once this hits the mainstream, I will be posting a ton of audio content on Twitter.

I produce a podcast episode every Friday (I try to at…

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It has been over 2 years since the release of one of the most popular articles I have written thus far — Content Is King and Always Will Be.

I thought why not do a follow up to that article? A lot has changed in the 2 and a half years since.

We all know Facebook’s organic reach is at an all-time low. But it’s arguably the most important platform still.

You will win on Facebook if you do paid advertising. It’s much easier said than done. …

Expert Secrets is one of those books that has to be read more than once.

With that said, I learned so much from the book.

Expert Secrets discussed how to create a mass movement of likeminded people so they can eventually be sold to/educated, create belief in these people, your moral obligation for these people, and creating sales funnels.

After I finished the book, I asked myself what I thought the most helpful part of the book was. I came up with my answer pretty quickly. Section 2 “Creating Belief” was the most valuable part of the book to me.


That’s the one word to describe this book. Although trying to read all of the old slang can get quite old and difficult. Thou, doth, thy, and others get old trying to read.

The message of the book is what matters here though. This book is extremely old. It was published in 1926 but the value is immense.

If you struggle trying to save/invest your money, then this is the book for you. It’s only 88 pages long and it’s straight to the point. …

Jake Boucher

Aspiring entrepreneur.

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