How to Win Business on Twitter

Jake Boucher
3 min readJan 19, 2018
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Winning business on Twitter is not as hard as it sounds. If you have the desire to go on Twitter and woo people to your business, it’s going to take work just like everything. You didn’t really think it was that easy, did you?

Twitter is underrated in the marketing world in my opinion. You can do so much on Twitter organically (no money down). For instance, the search bar is a very powerful tool. This tool is never used to win the business of others.

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent. Go on Twitter and use the search feature. Type in “I need to buy a house.” I literally just typed in that sentence and I found 5 legitimate people trying to find a home to buy. The odds of these people living in the same area as you are slim to none, but who’s to say you can’t refer them to an agent in their area and get a commission from showing them to the agent? Once you pick out your prospects, reply to their tweet and provide value. Say something like “good luck with your search! By the way, I’m a real estate agent, do you have any questions about the home buying process?” Boom.

In the event of finding someone on Twitter that is in your area looking for a home, then the game just got a whole lot easier. Say you live in a heavily populated area and you’re hosting an open house. Search the sentence, “going to an open house,” and see if at least one person is going to an open house in your area. If there is someone, then tell them to come on by the house you’re showing.

Make sure you type in sentences that someone would actually say. Putting in keywords on Twitter search doesn’t work like it does on Google. That’s why you have to type in actual sentences.

I’ll give you another example of using Twitter search, again as a real estate agent. If you’re the type of real estate agent that sells homes, then lookup “need to sell my home.” I just looked this up, and immediately came across someone on Twitter looking for someone to sell their house, ON TWITTER. This individual was literally looking for someone on Twitter that sells homes! Again, provide them value and ask a question. Like how the selling process is going and if they need help with anything.

Let me use one last example. Say you own a pizza place in a rather big market. Search “pizza.” All of the tweets about pizza will pop up. If you use Twitter on its website, then you could specifically put the “near you” setting on which filters tweets near your location. Once you find someone talking about wanting pizza, you chime in with something like “come on by, we’re open until 12 ;).”


It’s really not hard at all (just takes a lot of work). Who knows, maybe that person you engaged with on Twitter becomes a lifelong customer. You never know when you might strike a goldmine!

Thank you for reading!

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Jake Boucher

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