I Learn More From YouTube Than I Do From School

Jake Boucher
5 min readJan 4, 2018
My YouTube recommendations

Over the last year or so, I have come to the conclusion that getting good grades in school doesn’t matter in the real world as much as some people hype it up.

So around this time last year, I really started to hone in on self-education.

With that being said, YouTube has become one of my greatest teachers. Thanks in large part to the man shown in the picture shown above.

My dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur actually came about because of a YouTube ad that I came across while watching a video. It was a Tai Lopez ad for real estate investing. I was hooked as soon as he came out of a helicopter and went into a Ferrari. My immediate thought when I saw him get out of the helicopter and into his Ferrari was “this guy knows how to make money”. I decided to listen to what he had to say in his videos which opened a whole new world of opportunities.

From that point on, I started consuming more of his videos and I fell more in love with the idea of being my own boss. So, I started to watch videos of other people who have made money the way I want to make money. Personally, my favorite videos are Gary Vaynerchuk’s. Mr. Vaynerchuk puts out videos on a daily basis and they are full of value. He has this YouTube series called “DailyVee” and it is a vlog of his everyday business life. You can see him behind the scenes with his employees and in meetings with potential clients. You can see how a successful CEO of an 800 person company manages his employees and his clients which is extremely valuable to the people interested in leading their own team.

Gary is one of the most down to earth people that you’ll ever come across. He doesn't take anything for granted and it shows in his personality.

To me, Gary has been the best teacher that I could ask for. Consuming his content on a daily basis has improved my life and way of thinking. He has shown to his audience that you can accomplish anything but it will just take time. The thing is, you have to be willing to put in the work and be PATIENT.

You don’t get taught this in school. The only way you can learn this is from self-education. And YouTube is one of the best self-educators. For instance, during this past semester of college, I learned more about…

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