If You Procrastinate, You’re Setting Yourself Up to Fail

  1. Limit the time you spend on social media everyday. I would say this is the number one time killer among most people. I was a victim of this for a loooong time.
  2. Focus on the reward, not the work. If you keep telling yourself how much work it’s going to take, you will not get that project done until the absolute last minute. Why not try to get the things you don’t want to do out of the way first thing?
  3. Have great time management skills. Read my first blog post “What Helps Me Stay On Top of My Task? This:” This post will give you an idea of how to manage your time better.
  4. Set goals. Setting personal goals will keep your eye on the prize. Everyday when I wake up, I think to June 1st, 2020 which is the day I want to accomplish my first major goal. This gets me ready to roll for the day and motivates me to accomplish what I set out to do that particular day, in order to get one step closer to June 1st, 2020.
  5. Use the 5 second rule (courtesy of Mel Robbins). This may be the single most important aspect to overcoming procrastination. You literally have 5 seconds from the moment an idea entered your mind, until your brain will tell you not to do it. It’s that quick. Take this for example: you told yourself that you are going to start a homework assignment. You have 5 seconds before your brain will tell you to do something else. As soon as an idea pops into your head, act on it right away!




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