Most Homes Aren’t Perfect, and They Don’t Have to Be

Jake Boucher
2 min readJun 30, 2022
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Most homes are not perfect and that’s ok.

There will always be a market for your home. I don’t care if your home is outdated 40 years, someone will buy your home eventually, someone will see the potential in your home and buy it.

Let’s use a $100,000 home that’s been foreclosed on as an example. The home has been vacant for four years. Someone will buy that home at some point (unless it needs to get torn down) because they will see the potential in it, they will see a good deal, they will put their money into it, and they will flip it or rent it out.

So, if your home is not updated to 2022 standards, so what, there’s still going to be a market for it. If your home has a minor issue, so what there’s going to be a market for it. If your home has a big issue like a septic issue, there’s still going to be a market for it.

Your home doesn’t have to be this pristine beautiful home, it can look the way it does right now, and you will still have a market for it. However, you might need to do some price adjustments and have the mindset that it’s going to sit on the market. Eventually the right person is going to come along and put an offer on your home.

Having the right mindset in a situation like this matters A LOT. If you can get educated about where your home…