Regret Scares Me, and it Should Scare You

Jake Boucher
3 min readDec 17, 2017

I have a gut feeling if you’re reading this, you have some regret that you’re living with. It’s ok, everyone has lived with regret before. The real question is do you really want to be living with regret at the age of 75?

You could be 20 years old living with regret because you didn’t ask that girl out, or you didn’t start doing that thing that you have always wanted to do sooner.

Take a step back and examine your current situation. Think of all of the things that you are good at and jump head first into chasing that goal.

Don’t push things off. As soon as it crosses your mind, act on it. If You Procrastinate, You’re Setting Yourself Up to Fail gives some advice to overcoming procrastination.

Why does regret exist?

The reason why regret exists in your life is that of procrastination. I bet you tell yourself all the time that you’re going to start something, and every day that passes is another day where you didn’t start.

Why wait?

Like I said before, as soon as the thought passes through your head, get going on it. You literally have 5 seconds from the moment a thought passes through your head until your brain will tell you to do something else.

When you’re thinking about doing something, ask yourself one simple question: will I regret this if I don’t do it?

If the answer is yes, then don’t wait for those 5 seconds to sneak up on you. Do something about that thought and get to work!

If you went to a senior center and asked the people there if they had any regrets, the vast majority of them would say that they did. They regret not starting that business that was always in the back of their mind, they regret not spending more time with their families, they regret not travelling the world.

Why wait for regret to overcome you? Take action ASAP and have tunnel vision. Keep your eye on the prize.

Age doesn’t matter

It has never been easier for any one person to try something new or make extra money. With the internet, everyone is on equal footing. I don’t care if you’re 70 years old, you have all of the same tools at your disposal as an 18 year old.

Jake Boucher

Realtor with Lamacchia Realty in Massachusetts