The New Snapchat Update Sucks. Here’s Everything Wrong With it

Jake Boucher
3 min readFeb 12, 2018
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If you’ve kept up with social media news in the past several days, then you’re probably aware that there was a new Snapchat update.

And the reviews are in. The vast majority of people hate it. I have to say, I am one of those people.

Snapchat did a complete 180 in terms of the new update. They changed the layout and managed to make it so much worse.

Do you remember how the old layout was before? You open the app and it brings you to the camera, you swipe left and it brings you to your recent snaps, swipe right it brings you to people’s stories.

With this new update, it screws up everything. When you open the app, it still brings you to the camera. Swipe left now, it brings up recent snaps AND stories. They compiled your friends snaps and stories on the same tab if you will, which makes it a hell of a lot more confusing. When swiping right, you’ll find all the stories of the celebrity’s that you follow, along with ads and otherwise random people.

For average everyday people, this update kind of screws them. Fewer people will see their content. If these people use Snapchat stories to stay in touch with their family or friends, it makes it harder for them to see what’s going on in the person’s life.