Turning $16 Into $100. Grip It and Flip It #1

Jake Boucher
4 min readNov 3, 2018

Doing this has been in the back of my mind for a long time now.

I’ve been telling myself for quite some time that I would step in my car and drive around town trying to find some garage sales to hit up.

My first attempt at garage sailing was the Saturday before this past one. I drove around aimlessly trying to find some sales to hit up (the weather didn’t cooperate so all of the ones I had circled were postponed).

This past Saturday was a different story. The night before I was doing some “scouting” for garage sales near me. I found them through the app I use to find sales near me.

The night before I wrote down all of the addresses that I intended on going to the next day. I only had six addresses written down because I had no idea what to expect and if I even had enough money.

I went to all but one of the garage sales I had written down. To keep a long story short, I made out pretty good.

What I bought

I was looking for some cheap products (I only brought $20 or so, and spent $16).

Garage sale #1

I bought 3 coffee mugs at the very first garage sale I went too. 2 of them I bought for 25 cents and the other one was 50 cents.