Which Social Media Site is the Best for Emotional Storytelling?

Jake Boucher
3 min readMar 1, 2018

I think this answer is pretty simple.

We can go through all of the social media platforms and go through the pros and cons of each one. But which one is the best for emotional storytelling?


I don’t think this comes as a surprise to many of you. Sharing pictures and videos is a lot more personal than written text.

I know Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat is similar to Instagram in regards to picture and video sharing. In fact, Snapchat may very well be second in line in terms of emotional storytelling.

Instagram has this uniqueness to it that other platforms don’t. It is solely pictures and videos which plucks at the heartstrings.

A picture tells a thousand words

The aspect of just sharing pictures and videos for content adds another dimension. You can post a picture or even a video with no caption (I wouldn’t do it too much though). And you can just have the picture or video tell the story for you.

Make sure the image is vibrant and something that people would want to look at (duh).


This post from Starbucks is so simple but yet very effective. They’re advertising their product and service at the same time and doing it the right way.

Notice that they didn’t ask for anything from the consumer. They didn’t say “click this link to buy!” Nothing like that. All too often you see brands asking for the sale in way too many posts. As a matter of fact, I went through 10 of their posts, and not one of them asked for any type of sale.

This right here is another great post. Simple but elegant. Looking at this picture and then reading the caption makes you want to do just that. Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee.